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A Foothill Community to the Cascades!
107 E. 3rd Street, Lowell, Oregon 97452 (541) 937-2157
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Dog License and Cat Registration for Lowell Residents

2014 Residential Design Criteria for Lowell
Max Elevation
- 750' (For Table Roof Snow)
Roof Snow Load (Below Max Snow Elevation) - 25 psf + drift
Oregon Wind Speeds (3 sec gust, use for prescriptive and engr to ASCE7-05)
                                - 95 mph/3 sec. gust
Oregon Wind Speeds (ultimate, use for engr to ASCE7-10 with importance catgory II)
                                - 120 mph/ult
Exp/Wind Pressure psf - B or C/18
Seismic Design Category - D1
Max Default Soil Bearing - 1500 psf
Design Rainfall (60 min duration, 100 yr return) - 1.07