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Thank you for your interest in the City of Lowell’s official volunteer program.
We appreciate your commitment to making a difference and serving the
community. Volunteering with the City of Lowell is a highly rewarding
experience in which you will have fun, meet new people, gain job experiences,
and make a difference in a very meaningful way. Whether you are looking to
forever imprint your positive mark in the world around you or seeking a place
to complete mandated community service hours, the City of Lowell may have a
spot for you. This is because the mission of the program is to build a unified
community through the widespread involvement. Should you decide to serve,
you will join many other volunteers who donate their time and talent for the
advancement of this beautiful community. The work of our volunteers is truly
appreciated as we could not serve the community to the level that we do
without their contributions!
There are many ways that you can make an impact as a volunteer! While the
governing body of the City has the obligation of assuring the health, safety, and
general welfare of the City by providing the citizens with necessary public
services, you can help the City to:
· Extend and enrich the services now being offered.
· Increase direct services to the citizens and the community.
· Build a closer relationship with the community.
· Supplement the work of the personnel.
· See that the City of Lowell remains a place in which to live, work,
invest, and raise a family!
Community support and engagement are key factors in bringing out the best in
a city and its government. Interested and enthusiastic volunteers can aid in
bringing about the unification of citizens and staff into a harmonious team. As a
volunteer, you will have an opportunity for meaningful service to, and direct
participation in, the operation of your City government.

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